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Koghan – System of Zones

Koghan - “Gha”  Refers to the 9 energy zones of the body. “Koghan” refers to the process of generating that energy through the body.
The focus in this yoga system is-
1. on the muscles and nerves in the back along the spinefrom the base of the brain to the base of the spine.
2. Use the whole body in the breathing process adjusting the posture to allow more expansion to using muscles and nerves to generate energy.
3. Developing the pathways through the muscles and nerves to generate this psycic energy "consciousness" from the spine through the extremities and the brain.

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The whole power of the Dhanda, longi, Hanthawaddy, Min Zin, and even the Letha yoga is from the internal energy system as it is generated through the Koghan system of zones. Posturing is always important in developing one's internal life force is as important.

Deep Creek Yoga is moving to Costa Rica for the winter but will return in April. We will try to have 2 camps a month from May - September.
Thank you for your patience.

Koghan – System of yoga utalizing the pathways and flow of energy generated by the nine energy zones in the body. (Tibet and Pyu )

Hanthawaddy Yoga – A system of yoga which combines movement and breath, using specific alignment and energy flow from the Khoghan system.

Dhanda yoga – A system using Dhanda (staff) to develop alignment,
stability, flexibility and stamina. Dhanda is the yoga symbol for the human spine through which prana (vital energy or chi) flows.

Longi Yoga – A system using a rope to develop strength, flexibility, and proper alignment.

Min Zin – Internal system to generate, store, and transmit “Prana” psycic energy through pathways in the body.Focused breath and meditation.




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