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Change of format - The whole power of the Dhanda, longi, Hanthawaddy, Min Zin, and even the Letha yoga is from the internal energy system as it is generated through the Koghan system of zones.Posturing is always important, but not as important as developing one's internal life force. We have found that workshops are far more effective than the typical weekly class. Focusing on all the aspects needed to generate this energy "consciousness" needs a sustained practice time. Only then can the practitioners understand the true importance of this system as it was taught in the tradition of the Pyu. Also, I will be traveling a lot;.therefore, most of my classes and workshops will not be updated on this website.

Work Shops

Workshops of 2-3 days works best If you really want to learn how to develop and generate your energy system, The core of this system is learning learning Hasnthawaddy through the koghan system of zones, This is a very difficult system and cannot be learmed a few hours a week.Each posture has a slightly different effect on the chakras in the front of spine, top of head, and bottom of spine generated through the the alighnment of the three zones in the back of spine and the type of breathing used. .

Khoghan – Nine energy zones in the body responsible for the pathways and
flow of energy.(southern Tibet and Pyu system of yoga)

Hanthawaddy Yoga – A system of yoga which combines movement and
breath, using specific alignment and energy flow from the Khoghan system. This system is very difficult and powerful. It would be hard to learn Hanthawaddy without these other systems.

Dhanda yoga – A system using Dhanda (staff) to develop alignment,
stability, flexibility and stamina. Dhanda is the yoga symbol for the human
spine through which prana (vital energy or chi) flows.

Longi Yoga – A system using a rope to develop strength, flexibility, and
proper alignment.

Min Zin – Internal system to generate, store, and transmit “Prana” internal
healing energy. Focused breath and meditation.




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