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Dave adjusting the alignment to zone 7 to complete the flow of energy from lower back through the legs

Workshops and Clinics
Now is the time to schedule your workshops

 The best way to experience and learn these systems is through an intensive workshop or clinic. We are always doing something around the Deep Creek area. If you are not able to attend a clinic at Deep Creek Lake, you may schedule a clinic. We always have something ongoing and do not update most clinics on this website. Check with your area organizer.

If your workshop does not appear on this website don’t worry most will not. Just check with the studio you made the arrangements with.. We are willing to travel for custom yoga workshops and clinics, and our location in western Maryland makes it especially convenient for us to travel to Washington DC, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Berkley Springs, and Morgantown.

If you are interested in bringing this yoga system into your area or are coming to the Deep Creek Lake area with a group, check out the website with your friends to determine which aspects of the system you are interested in. The workshop will be customized to your group or need. Prices depend on the size of group, distance, service, and duration. Letha is a one-on-one, highly skilled service and is charged by the hour or session.

We will teach any aspect of these systems and provide the appropriate information to help attain greater knowledge and understanding of these forms. Caution: These forms are extremely powerful when done properly with the breath and care should be taken

For more info call: 240-321-8890 or email

yoga workshops


Hanthawaddy Yoga Camps

The emphasis of these camps are usually on combining breath and spirit. Camps held at the lake have excellent camping with facilities, motels are in area if preferred.


Hanthawaddy Yoga has a unique pattern of breath combined with the specific motion of the body as it flows from posture to posture. This yoga system complements and is part of the Bando Yoga system. Dhanda, Letha, and Longi prepare and develop the triggers and energy pathways of the body. This yoga system also makes the energy work of Min Zin tangible and will take this form of meditation to a higher level.

Vegetarian food is included and accommodations are there to prepare your own if you wish..We have access to the lake.and if weather is agreable a fire. There is a nice mix of activities from Dhanda meditation walks, moving meditations,

Most of the camps emphasize. .

  • How to identify and set the three zones along the spine, zone 7,8, and 9 in each posture for proper alignment necessary for generating energy.

  • How to generate Min Zin energy through the coordination of movement and breath.

Registration – 
Pre-registration –

1. Bed roll, pillow, blankets, & ground cloth; TENT
2. Bath towels, wash cloths, & toiletries;
3. Insect repellent; swim suit
4. Lantern/flashlight/candles/matches;
5. First Aid Kit (for cuts & bruises);
6. Black clothing (3 each: pants, shorts, T-shirts, etc.);
8. Healthy snack foods (e.g., trail mix); & something to drink
9. Notebook or notepad. and pen
10. Yoga mats, Meditation beads, and any other personal items of this nature.

1. 4” and 6” Dhanda
2. Walking & training staff;
3. Longi or rope
4. Bathroom and showers
5. Light Vegetarian dinner Friday and Saturday evenings. Light breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning.
6. Handouts
7.Use of lake and facilities.

This year we will be holding camp at the new Wakyan Memorial Center dedicated to evolution of spirit and prayer.The address is:

17 Upper Penn Point
Oakland, Md. 21550

The facility is rebuilt and we cannot wait to add the pictures to this site

If lost call #240-321-8890

Hanthawaddy Yoga Seminar
Schedule example

   12:00 pm         Registration
   2:00 pm        Opening; greetings; objectives; agenda
   2:30 pm        Explanation of the Khogan system using 4’ and 6’ Dhanda to
  set zones in some of the standing Hanthawaddy postures; explanation of how to breathe through postures
   5:00 pm        Light vegetarian meal
   6:30 pm        Seated Longi; seated Hanthawaddy; core breath work and Min Zin meditation  
   8:00 pm        Inipi -for those interested (see guidelines)

   8:00 am         Short Dhanda meditation walk or spirit of communion form 
   8:30 am         Light Breakfast
9:00 am         Seated longi and Dhanda transitioning into seated
   11:30 am         Discussion and review
   12:00 pm         Break; snacks
    1:00 pm          Partner stretches; more Hanthawaddy postures
    3:30 pm          Putting the learned Hanthawaddy postures into the
             Hanthawaddy series
    4:30 pm          Spirit of communion form 
    5:30 pm          Light vegetarian meal
    7:00 pm          Inipi -for those interested (see guidelines)
    9:00 pm          Fire at lake


     7:15 am         Light Breakfast
     8:00 am         Short Dhanda meditation walk or spirit of communion form
     8:30 am         Hanthawaddy series
     9:30 am         Review; posture variations
    12:00 pm        Inipi -for those interested (see guidelines)
     2:00 pm         Download time. All gear should be packed so you just chill and process it all before you drive home.


Saya David Martin


REGISTRATION Form  for Camp  (Please Print)

First Name:__________________________

Last Name:_________________________

Street address:___________________________________________________________

City:________________________________ State:_______________ Zip:___________  

Gender:________________ Age:____________ Phone #_________________________

Any participants you prefer to cabin with?___________________________________

Emergency contact: ______________________________________________________

Make checks payable to: David Martin
                                           212 North 12th Street
                                           Oakland, Maryland  21550

Any payments after pre registration are to be made at camp registration Sept 14th at 12:00 or whenever you arrive at camp.

If questions, please call: 240-321-8890  email:

Saya David Martin



Sundays 1:30-4:00

                                YOGA OF THE PYU
The Pyu were a tribe from northeast India who migrated into Burma. They developed a Yoga system where proper alignment with correct posturing and breath control are essential to provide us with energizing of the chakras. At times we will be using staffs “Dhanda” to enhance balance and alignment and helps maintain a center axis to obtain maximum results.

“We will also be working with Min Zin -Generating energy with the power of breath through the pathways of the nerves and muscles."

Country Commons                                                        Tami Gingrow
231 County Line Road                                                  412.999.3553

for more info see  


  1. To study and have a basic understanding of the techniques used by the ancient Pyu culture.


  1. Intro to Khoghan system of zones. To learn how to set the three zones along the spine for proper alignment necessary for generating energy.
  2. Proper breathing techniques.
  3. How to generate Min Zin energy through the coordination of movement and breath. “Short Dhanda”

Standing forms

  1. Standing stretches with the Dhanda.
  2. More in depth study of how to generate Min Zin energy using Hanthawaddy form posture 5.

Sitting forms

  1. To learn how to set the three zones along the spine for proper alignment using longi
  2. Breathing techniques with a candle.
  3. Seated Dhanda.   
  4. Hanthawaddy form 25 & 26









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