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Min Zin

Min Zin is an internal system to generate, store, and transmit “Prana” internal healing energy. Min means king. Zin means path, form, or system. The mind is king. You rule your internal energy. If the king is conscious of everything in his kingdom there is harmony. The zin the path or pathways of this energy, mind, breath, motion. There are different techniques for moving this energy whether it be a sitting type of meditation, a moving one like Tai Chi, or Power Min Zin which involves locking and relaxing every muscle with the appropriate breath pattern. Practicing yoga forms like Hanthawaddy generates so much internal energy that the mind needs time to recognize and process these currents. “It’s easier when you can experience this energy and wonder what to do with it than it is to work with the imagination on visualizing it.”

.The movement of the Min Zin energy system relates to the zones and pathways of the Khoghan system. As we become aware of the muscles we use in proper breathing, so we become aware of the energy which arises. The aspect of Min Zin we will be focusing on is, “How to create a center of peace.” When we focus on breathing the mind will calm down. When the mind calms down we become more aware of how breath affects posture. This calms the emotions and raises our awareness. We can then hear our pulse and feel the healing currents. In Hanthawaddy the mind is so occupied setting the triggers or zones and trying to maintain an unstrained breathing pattern, that it has to relax and the energy flows through the whole body creating quite a rush.

In "Min Zin" there are different breath patterns to store and transmit energy. Breathing in on the circular fashion 6-5-4-3-2-1 pause and exhale 9-8-7-6 is just one pattern. Another pattern of breath is inhale 6-5-4-3-2-1 and exhale 9-8-through shoulders arms and out through hands, with the muscles in zone 6 locked to store energy, to generate heat. This is used in the true hot stone massage and in certain "Letha" yoga techniques. In Min Zin there are many patterns and all having their own special effects.

There is so much on the Min Zin system so this is just a brief overview. The goal of Min Zin can be simplified into protecting oneself from physical, mental, and spiritual imbalances. This also refers to how we heal ourselves from injury and trauma on these levels as well. One needs constant vigilance and self discipline to safeguard against forces which could disrupt one’s harmony on these three levels. Control of mind, breath and emotions are imperative.

Pictures of Min Zin in practise have been omitted.

We need to become heroes! To take responsibility and control of our lives, to heal our injuries and rise above our traumas! To return victorious from this life having attained our true potential!

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