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Letha Yoga

Meaning of Letha Yoga

According to His Holiness Anant Krishna Vaidya, Letha Yoga means “partner assisted yoga” or “yoga system assisted by the limbs of a compassionate partner”.
Letha Yoga is also named for the Letha Mountain Range, which lies in central Burma. The diverse tribes who practiced these yoga systems and lived in this mountain range shared "Letha Yoga" to the world.
Letha Yoga takes you further than you can take yourself and needs to be performed by an experienced and certified practitioner.

Letha Yoga as Body Alignment

Letha Yoga is body manipulation, adjustment and alignment. Each adjustment technique has it's origins in the asanas (postures) of It makes apparent the connection between the joints, the three posturing zones, muscles, nerves, and breath. Letha Yoga stretches large and small muscles, lubricates the joints and inceraces range of motion, aligns internal organs and removes wastes, provides circulation, and regulates flow of energy with the release of emotional stress. Allows more life to flow through your being.

The system most similar to Letha Yoga is Thai Yoga Massage. However, Letha Yoga has specific core posturing alignment of the Ko Ghan system and the relaxation currents of the breath. Click for history of the Ko Ghan system.

The instructor, Dave Martin, will guide you through a delicate series of asanas and assist in the alignment of the posture along with the relaxation techniques of proper breathing. This moves the life force through the body and opens up blocked energy centers. Even the locked up trauma of old injuries can be released and flushed out of the body. A full body sesson takes an hour and a 1/2 . Specify what areas need special attention or has injuries. Dave Martin has provided this service for over three years at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.and Spa and other resorts as well..

Caution: Letha Yoga is powerful and the transformation is happening even after the session is over. If you are to receive this service allow a lot of down time for the rest of that day.

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