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There are many instructors across the nation certified under the American Bando Association. Listed below are those specialized in Hanthawaddy Yoga and it’s unique alignment with the Ko Ghan system. This system was brought to America in the late 1950’s by Maung Gyi (now Dr. U M. Gyi, Grandmaster.) It is practiced by a small group of dedicated students and teachers here in the U.S. under the auspices of the non-profit American Bando Association. Great gratitude needs to be given to Dr. Maung Gyi for sharing and restoring these systems. [Pictured below]

Dave Martins interest in yoga started as a child when he was in India. He was the first yoga instructor at Ohio University from 1977-1982. In 1982 Dave then moved to Garrett County where he helped start Upper Yough Whitewater Expeditions. He was the first yoga instructor at Garrett Community College in 1982 and in 1992 was the first yoga instructor at Frostburg University.
While at Ohio University in the 70’s he trained in martial arts under Dr. Maung Gyi whose father, U Ba Than Gyi, was the Grandmaster monk of Burma in the 1940’s. Dr. Gyi offered to teach Dave this very difficult, complete, and almost lost style of yoga under 3 conditions. 1. Learn and master the   complete Hanthawaddy Yoga system. 2. To share and have teachers to perpetuate this special system. 3. To have a book which documents the main 33 postures and the activation of energy with the Koghan system in great detail.
Forty years later and now Dave is concentrating on serious students and completing the book.

Suzy Snow - Enthusiastic entry level instructor whose knowledge and patience can help any student make fast advancement.

In memory of Dr. Jim Muntean along with being an Osteopathic Doctor . He was the Medical Advisor for the American Bando Association, and has worked with Dr. Maung Gyi for many years  He was compiling a book on Letha Yoga before his passing. He will always be loved, honored and respected.


Dr. Gyi with " left to right" top row: Mark Semingson, Dr. Jim Munteen, and Dave Martin Bottom row: Natalie Boyd and April Jones


Dr. Maung Gyi's Ordination ceremony conducted by his holiness Sayadow


Dave in India

Dave Martin in India as a child.




Lenora Fischetti




Dave Martin




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