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Meaning of Dhanda
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In ancient Sanskrit, the term “Dhanda” means staff or stick. Dhanda is the yoga symbol for the human spine through which Prana (vital energy or Chi) flows. According to ancient yogic tradition, there are vital energy centers, Chakras, along the spine. Various yogic postures are practiced to allow free flow of energy in the body.
          Dhanda Yoga uses a STAFF to assist in performing various asanas (yogic postures). Traditionally the staff was between 3 to 6 feet long. It was made of bamboo, wood, rattan, vine, or root. The staff enhances the alignment and helps maintain a center axis to twist evenly through the spine. This wringing activates all the muscles along the spine including the abdominals which helps squeeze out the stale air and massages the internal organs. The posture at the top is part of the coiling serpent series, where they say the symbol for the AMA, the coiling serpent around a staff, originated. There are important meditation mudra's to tune in to your energy and energize the dhanda a.k.a. "spiriting the staff." before advanced Dhanda is performed.

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breathe 60

Dave adjusting the alignment to zone 7 to complete the flow of energy from lower back through the legs.


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